Home decoration and treatments play an important role in the mood of patrons. Some decor might be aesthetic; some might be protective. Korean blinds are widely used across Dubai. They lend a hit of culture in your place. Although they differ from other blinds, they still provide the same functions and privacy. Korean blinds are window coverings that control the amount of sunlight in your premises.

This revolutionary design combines the features of normal curtains with roller blind window shades. You can easily control the light and privacy levels and switch seamlessly between night + day modes by simply dragging your window shade like a piece of paper!

Things to note about Korean Blinds


If you live in a windy area, such as near the coast or an open space where winds blow from various directions, and you prefer to keep your windows open, you may experience some issues with combination blinds. These types of blinds tend to move frequently due to the wind, and while adjusting themselves, the bottom rail may hit against the window grilles. Although Korean blinds include elastic elements on both ends of their bottom rail to reduce these occurrences, it’s possible that some small metal pieces of the rail might still bump against one of the grilles.

Light Blockage

Although blackout fabric is available, we cannot provide total darkness with our window treatment solutions as the panels have gaps between the front and back layers. It’s mostly for looks to keep light from coming in anyway. If direct sunlight or strong light sources come into a room through large windows, curtains may be more suitable than shutters. The worst case is that you might need board-up curtains, but it’s not always necessary. See below for an example of what we mean by gaps in shutters.

Width Limit

It’s not uncommon to find Korean Blinds with width restrictions. Most Korean blinds have a typical width limit of 2.5 m (99 in). If you have wider windows, each panel will be cut into two because the same size cannot fit across the window width. The gap between panels can widen or shrink depending on your needs – it may help to circulate air through the room or block sunlight completely. At the end of the day, we will always find a way to make things work for our customers!

Where to buy Korean Blinds?

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